I used to be anti-social media but no more.

So I watched this TED talk on YouTube where this guy was lecturing about spending to much time on social media, etc. I agreed with him but here’s the truth.

While a do agree that you can waste time on SM sites time passes anyway and if you’re spending time with your family and friends no matter the venue then isn’t that good time spent? I think so.

After leaving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and my blogs. I’ve come back to almost everything except Instagram, LinkedIn and I don’t use Google+.

I am taking it very slowly this time around. I’m very precise as to whom I follow. I’m very glad for the break I had, but it’s fun to come back and to see what’s going on around me even if I don’t post as much; only when necessary.

Time passes no matter what you do. If you’re not spending the time on SM sites then you’re spending time elsewhere. It’s not like if we quit SM in our lives time stands still. While I do think I have to be careful about it not taking over my life, it doesn’t mean I have to vanish.

7 Ideas that appeal to me about blogging.

I’ve blogged before and it never amounted much. I always quit because I thought who cares? Part of me still believes this to be true today, right now. Who cares what I say? Maybe this isn’t why I blog? I’m not sure why I want to blog or where this will go or what will become of it. I have no specific reasons. Maybe all this is just the words I’m leaving behind.

After Googling it I was able to mine 7 ideas that appeal to me about blogging.

1. Learning new things.
I’m not sure what I want to learn. This could be something interesting to delve into deeper and do a brainstorming session.

2. I want to get myself “out there” more.
I’m hoping this will help me to not be such an introvert as I am now. Although if I’m honest maybe deep down I like being an introvert. That’s an odd truth to admit. I might feel safe all wrapped in.

3. I like to write.
“Kind-uh” I’ve written some short fictional stories in the past, but I seem to be in constant fiction story writer’s block. I do find I like to write bits of “nothings” or free writing or just ramble with words. I wrote a 100,000-word collection of nothing but free-writing here: Free-Writing

5. Maybe I can help others.
As much as I would like to I’m not sure how. It would be great though if I could.

6. I hope it will make me more creative and observational.
Who knows, maybe even more focused? That would be great. What scares me is the day I wake up and have no idea what to write about. I hope that day I’ll rise to the occasion instead of getting defeated, but then who am I kidding. I have to be honest with myself.

7. The words I will leave behind one day.
This reason is reason alone. I like this idea.