I’m happily married to my wonderful wife Lillie for over 13 years.

I am a believer in the Christian faith.

unemployed. (yes, my wife works and supports me. This makes me a terrible person.)
I will be blogging about this in the future.

I do have a side hustle business. I sell Shaklee vitamins and green cleaning products.
If you want more info on this, visit the website: Shaklee and read all about it. If you want to join then use TA47116 for your sponsor.

I used to be an abstract artist. I still am until I run out of art supplies or if I’ll continue if I sell any. You may visit my art blog here: abstracts by brian

We have no children. For now.

I’m almost 53 and I just began taking piano lessons 2 weeks ago.

This blog is for fun/hobby and dumping whatever I want off of my mind.
It is not for making money, but you can give me some if you want.

I lack focus. I’m all over the place.

I’m dyslexic.

I love watching all things piano, artists, museums and motivational speakers on YouTube. I’ll be posting some of my favorites in the future.

I like writing fake poetry and sometimes
break                                    ing
the writing
space        a bit.

I like brevity. Getting to the point. (I could go on about this but then that would be somewhat ironic.)

I love minimalism. I want to be one and I’m trying but it ain’t easy.

and I’ll be adding more things about me as I make them up oops, I mean as more memories awake in me.